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The range of our personal financial planning service includes different forms of protection, pension, regular savings, education funding, general insurance, portfolio management, offshore investments, tax, trusts and migration. Whether clients are seeking for a simple idea or requiring sophisticated consultations, the above comprehensive coverage is complemented with tailor-made proposals and in depth comparisons in order to produce the most suitable recommendations. Hence, our clients can make the best decisions for their specific needs. This same format of “Fortunaire advises, clients decide” follows through to the corporate financial planning where employee benefit schemes are the main concerns of employers.

Fortunaire does not charge fees for the above mentioned services. We are financially remunerated by product providers which form the basis of recommendations. If we are in a situation to propose fees for specific services, full details will be explained in advance. Otherwise, clients can consider Fortunaire is charge free.

Suffice to emphasize the fact that under all circumstances Fortunaire does not handle and keep client monies. All investment capitals and insurance premiums are contributed directly via appropriate means to the bank accounts of designated institutions. As a result, Fortunaire’s integrity in accounting is unquestionable.


Most people prefer not to talk about unexpected catastrophe and self deceive as something that only happens to others. In our professional principle, this is the very first area that needs to be sufficiently taken care of.

We can help you locate the best way of planning for the unforeseen misfortune. The first step is to identify the shortfalls, then product recommendations will follow for you to consider. In the most severe scenario of death with financial liabilities, the cash compensation provided by life insurance is the most effective way to assist family dependents through the difficult time.

Apart from protection purpose, life policies can be specifically used for financing investment facilities and wealth structuring to address the generic needs for confidentiality, tax planning and estate planning etc. Our advisors are more than pleased to share their expertise in this special arrangement with you.

Other forms of protection such as Critical Illness, Medical Cover and General Insurances such as Household, Motor, Travel are of our specialties that we are able to advise with confidence.


Regular Savings
Whether our objectives are retirement planning, children education or pay off mortgage early etc, having regular savings in a disciplined manner is absolutely essential. Due to the full access to all the leading providers of offshore savings schemes, Fortunaire will guide you to the most effective way to allocating your hard earned cash so that your financial targets can be accomplished as desirably as possible.

A financially stable retirement is a key priority for us all as it reflects the financial independence after our productive working life. Therefore, work can become an option not a necessity for retaining the aspired lifestyle. Nevertheless, many choose to neglect the negative impact of insufficient pension provision can create. Fortunaire regards such provision as a fundamental component of financial planning. By taking the current state of all existing assets for pension into account, our advisors would carefully evaluate whether your future living standard is in jeopardy or not. Any shortfalls will have to be covered by additional savings. To ensure your pension constantly on or above target, Fortunaire is responsible for introducing investment opportunities managed by top performing fund managers and available options such as fund switches and flexible contributions that can benefit you for specific situations at different times.

Wealth Structuring

Whilst insurance policies provide death protection it can provide much more. By “wrapping” assets within a life insurance structure an investor can often achieve much higher protection for those assets that can be achieved if the investments are held in personal names.

Succession Planning
A portfolio held in personal names will be blocked on death of the owner, and probate and other legal formalities can delay distribution to heirs for many years. Beneficiaries of a life insurance policy simply need to provide valid proof of death of the life assured and proceeds of the policy will usually be released without delay. And in total confidence.

Beneficiaries can be changed at any time, and, unlike with other structures, beneficiaries have no right to information and no access to details of the arrangement during the life of the policyholder.

In certain civil law jurisdictions life insurance is not considered part of the estate of the deceased. Proceeds can therefore be distributed to heirs of choice, outside the system of forced heirship.

Asset Protection
In some jurisdictions life insurance enjoys preferential treatment, and will be protected against claims of creditors in event of bankruptcy, or in event of divorce.

A high degree of confidentiality is achieved as the life insurance company is the beneficial owner of the underlying investment portfolio.

Tax Planning
Income and capital gains generated by the portfolio is income of the life insurance company and not income of the investor. Tax savings can be substantial. And reporting can often be avoided.

Life insurance often receives preferential tax treatment. Proceeds of life insurance are often tax free, a considerable benefit for heirs in high tax countries.