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The Company

Fortunaire is a fully licensed independent financial advisory company incorporated in one of the financial hubs of Asia – Hong Kong. We are a team of experienced intermediaries excel in providing a bespoke financial advisory service to all our individual and corporate clients. Relying on geographic and financial advantages of Hong Kong and with the addition of accumulated network, our business practice has successfully extended to some main areas of Greater China. We are grateful to our existing clients whose praise and support are driving our continuous development.

Our Aim

Subject to the understanding of each client’s particular circumstances and objectives, we strive to ensure all financial planning solutions given are independent with no emphasis on one specific product provider and highly appropriate throughout the entire servicing period. With the utmost good faith and relentless effort of ours in conducting regular review and research, our clients as well as their families will be able to enjoy financial freedom and security in the constantly changing economic environment. Our commitment to clients is long term in which a long lasting relationship of mutual benefit is developed.